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Welcome to the online survey tool for Quality in Extended Learning.

Survey Thing has a range of options for writing, editing and administrating questionnaires and surveys quickly and effectively.

Survey Thing allows you quickly and easily create on-line surveys to gather feedback from children, colleagues, parents or service users. It can therefore be used for evaluation, market research or consultation, in fact for anything where you would like to gather a range of opinions quickly and easily.

Unlike other tools, there is no limit to the number of items which can be incorporated in to a questionnaire or the number of respondents it can be sent to. Questionnaires can be customised in a number of ways, for example they can also be timed, limited, repeated or left open. The order of questions or pages can be easily changed. In addition instructions, explanations and messages can be incorporated at any point.

There is a large range of question types to choose from. Questions can be closed or open ended and can include

  • Multiple Choice – one or multiple answers
  • Single or multi line text
  • Matrix format and likert scales

Data is held securely and can only be accessed by the author of the questionnaire.

Results are automatically collated and can be exported into Excel for further analysis.

A step by step guide is available from the help pages on the QiSS National Database or by contacting QiSS on 01227 86 3029 or 01227 86 3656. QiSS can also advise on best practice in the use of questionnaires and design of research.

QiSS is always keen to engage in collaborative research, so please get in contact.

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